Two Fingers Drinks

A cocktail company based in the Cotswolds serving across the south west & beyond.

Our drinks are always made with premium spirits, house infusions and the freshest produce.

We create bespoke cocktails for weddings, parties & an award-winning digital agency specialising in websites, digital marketing and branding.

Our commitment to the environment


I’m designing my drinks to be served without straws wherever possible, and using paper straws if necessary. I’m always on the lookout for alternatives, such as pasta or wheat straws, and see these as a viable alternative in the future. I only use bamboo cocktail picks.

I make a lot of my ingredients at home, and use glass swing-top bottles which can be reused hundreds of times, rather than buying products in and disposing of the bottles/cartons.

When catering for larger outdoor events I use compostable disposable glasses, rather than the cheaper plastic alternative.

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