The Last Straw Cheltenham

We are two teenage brothers from Cheltenham who are extremely passionate about our environment and have become increasingly aware of the threat caused by plastic.

We have set up a venture, The Last Straw Cheltenham, which aims to increase the awareness of this problem through education, but also encourages people, businesses and institutions to make the change from plastic straws to environmentally friendly alternatives such as reusable bamboo and single use wheat straws.

We source and supply these alternatives. Our campaign includes visiting schools and giving talks to highlight this problem as well as an intensive social media drive.

We already supply several bars and restaurants around the country but would like more to make the change.

Our commitment to the environment

  • We now use plastic free, 100% recyclable packaging for all our products
  • As part of our campaign, we go round primary schools educating children and run local fairs where we highlight the issue of plastic pollution and how changes can be made to become more ecologically responsible.
  • We run a social media campaign which covers environmental news/issues on a range of scales as well as information regarding how we, as humans, can become more sustainable.
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