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Cotteswold Dairy is an independent family dairy business founded in 1938 by Harry Workman.  Harry started the business with a 30 gallon a day milk round in Tewkesbury, delivering twice a day to his doorstep customers.  82 years on we now process approx. 1.7m litres of milk a week and pride ourselves on working closely with local farmers located within 50 miles of our main site in Tewkesbury.

We collect the milk in our own tankers and all the farmers carry Red Tractor status assuring food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection through the food chain.  We presently have 20,000 doorstep customers, with 12,500 served from our Cheltenham depot.  Although we have never stopped bottling into glass bottles and we deliver to many homes on electric floats the doorstep business had declined over the years  but we are seeing an increase with more people wanting to reduce their plastic use and turn to milk in glass bottles.

The bottles we use are returnable and reusable and on average are used 30 times before we recycle them.  We have increased production into glass bottles by 51% since 2017 and hope to increase that further in 2020.  We offer both conventional and organic types of milk in glass bottles.

We offer other products in glass bottles too, including fruit juice, milk shakes and water.

Our commitment to the environment


  • We are keen to promote glass bottles more and now have many offices and businesses changing from plastic to glass.  Some shops are now selling milk in glass to their customers, who return the empties back to the shop for reuse.  Some customers have installed milk pack machines which hold a pergal box of milk which also reduces their plastic use, some using these to sell milk into refillable glass bottles.
  • We have also recently ran a campaign to local schools advising them that they can change from the children’s individual plastic 1/3 pint bottles to using glass bottles and re-usable beakers.  This has had a good response.
  • One initiative of ours to promote our doorstep service is to park up a milk float in Cheltenham so shoppers can see that the milkman still exists and that they can have milk delivered directly to their doorstep in glass bottles.  We will be promoting this alongside the Environment department of Cheltenham Council, who will be advising on recycling, and also Plastic Free Cheltenham will be supporting this.
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